Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things my children don't want to know about.

I'm C. A. Hocking, author of two novels, one of which was shortlisted for an Australian literary award, am currently working on some screenwriting for television as well as a new novel coming out soon, and I think I'm a rather intelligent, capable, talented and interesting woman. BUT ... and here's the BUT ... I'm 57, I'm middle aged, I have four adult children with lovely partners and three gorgeous grandchildren as well as two adult stepchildren with lovely partners and five gorgeous step-grandchildren (which makes me and my husband very lucky and wealthy people indeed), and as soon as I open my mouth to talk about HOW I AM FEELING TODAY, the veil comes down over their eyes. Does anyone out there know what I am talking about? I don't get that reaction from my middle aged female friends, we LOVE to talk about how we are feeling, what aches and pains we have, what operations we've had, what tablets we take. Yes, yes, I've become one of THOSE middle aged women. Alright, I saw the veil come down over your eyes just now, you can go now ... WAIT! Come back! You can't go yet! If you stayed, then you are probably just like me. If you wanted to tune out, well, I've got news for you. ONE DAY, YOU'LL BE ME! Oh, and by the way, I think I'm pretty lucky to be living in a country, a city and a community in which not always feeling the best doesn't mean I have a hard life. In some countries, some cities and some communities, it isn't easy not always feeling in tiptop shape. In my world, it simply means I have an occasional bad day, I wallow in it with chocolate, old musical DVD's and naps on the sofa until I feel better, and then I get on with things. Is this ringing any bells with anyone? My middle son jokingly suggested I write a book using all my complaints as the plot line, but it's already been done and very successfully. "Ladies of Letters", wonderful stuff! But that was before the days of blogging, stream of consciousness writing. Aahh, we live in such lovely times. More about my aches and pains tomorrow!

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